Technology driven, trainer directed biofeedback offers a transparent platform to train your stress response.  
Sometimes the way our stress response shows up is helpful.  It improves focus, preparedness, attentiveness, and drive.  Sometimes the way our stress response shows up is not-so-helpful.  It steals energy, induces racing thoughts, raises tension, makes focus challenging, and causes oversights.  
Take action and proactively facilitate how your stress response shows up! 

Biofeedback training involves working with 6 different physiological variables that are indicative of your body shifting between activated and deactivated states.  Often, these states are commonly described as stress and relaxation.

With the information these variables provide, we can train your body’s stress response for the purpose of improved performance and health.  


Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Muscle Activity

Sweat Gland Activity

Fingertip Temperature

biofeedback training


Research has verified multiple benefits of biofeedback training including:

◆ improved self-awareness
◆ significant correlations with higher World Rankings
◆ reduced anxiety
◆ reduced performance anxiety
◆ improved physical functioning & performance execution
◆ improved execution of sport-specific skills
◆ improved mental functioning
◆ improved mental abilities specifically during play
◆ improved academic performance
◆ more productive, positive, & regulated emotions
◆ significant increase in feeling rested and refreshed
◆ higher aerobic & physical capabilities
◆ improved ability to adjust to internal and external stimuli

With training, you can obtain these benefits too!

What exactly does Biofeedback train? It trains your autonomic nervous system.

This is the same system where your stress response lives. Out of our sight, and up to your brain’s inherent determinations, this system is constantly making shifts inside your body.

When your autonomic system is optimally regulated, it shifts and changes in harmony with the demands in front of us – helping us best meet those demands. For instance, actually falling asleep when we go to bed.

Biofeedback technology, facilitated by an experienced trainer, provides an exclusive and effective medium to optimally regulate your system.

How it works

Want to know what a biofeedback training session might include? Utilizing different modalities, we will be able to test & train your body’s physiological activity so that it is primed to respond in your performance environment most effectively.

stress testing

An assessment of your nervous system’s activation and recovery pattern, giving you a personalized physiological profile.


This profile provides understanding into your day-to-day actions and reactions, as well as provides a map to target your training program.

comprehensive biofeedback

 Each of the 6 physiological variables has an optimal target zone for self-regulation. You will learn skills to purposefully & efficiently guide your body into these target zones.


Mastery at this level enhances confidence and improves health & performance.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Higher HRV indicates better overall system recovery & regulation, resulting in enhanced performance. With HRV biofeedback, you don’t just get told what your HRV # is (as your smart phone or watch may do).


Rather, you learn how to proactively & immediately improve it.


Train your reaction-time while connected to physiology-monitoring sensors. You will see how your internal activation state directly relates to your ability to expertly react.

With this information, you will train yourself to promptly & consistently find that optimal level of activation.

Let’s Work together!

Get Connected

Shoot me a message. We’ll start with an introductory phone call. This is an opportunity to share a little about your situation, answer any initial questions you might have, and discuss how Biofeedback will benefit you.
Please note: hooking up to technology can only be done in-person.
Trainer & tech can travel to you, additional rates apply.

Meet Up

You’ll get hooked up to the non-invasive, physiological monitoring sensors – breathing belts, muscle tension sensors, sweat sensor, finger temperature sensor, and heart rate monitor. We’ll obtain a baseline profile of the current state of your physiology. Reviewing the results, you’ll be educated in what your profile means, as well as learn initial steps to facilitate improvements.

Engage in Training

Guided by your unique physiological profile, you will engage in progression-based training. This will include determining your unique breath-rate that will maximize and train your heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is an integral component to recovery and self-regulating.


We will periodically revisit baseline assessments to check in on training and affirm progress.


With both new and fine-tuned skills, experience enhanced functioning in your performance endeavors. As an established client, take advantage of growth and maintenance opportunities as you continue to develop.