mobilize: “To Make ready”

Partner with Elisa to ready your mind for all your performance endeavors.

The body informs the mind, and the mind informs the body, working together or sometimes unfortunately against each other, as we navigate the landscape of performance. The performance of not only what we want to achieve, but also who we are in that process.

Utilizing mental performance training and biofeedback, The Mobilized Mind is uniquely positioned to partner with individuals and groups to enhance understanding of the feedback relationship between one’s mind and one’s body. Through doing this work together, clients have strengthened their ability to affect the most desired results from both their mind and body in their unique performance endeavors.

In Mental Performance training

we focus on the “how” piece of helpful mental states

We’ve all likely heard one, if not all, of the following:
This is all good advice but can be elusive states of being on any given day.

The Mobilized Mind’s expertise targets the “HOW” – achieving these states regularly and consistently with research-verified tools & techniques.


Attention and Focus
Hone your ability to pay attention to the most effective thing at the most effective time. Drill down into what you are paying attention to and how it is affecting you. In doing so, steer away from any tendencies to overthink or underthink and lessen the “noise” around you.
Productive Self- talk
Those thoughts that run through our own heads. What are they, and more importantly, how do they influence you? Dive into how you talk to yourself and position it to be most productive for your desired outcomes.
Build multi-sensory imagery for skill development & execution, facilitation of emotional states, performance rehearsals, and more.
How we breathe plays a big role in managing our nerves and mental space. There is so much more to the conventional advice of “take a deep breath.” It’s critical to learn optimal technique and tactics to take most advantage of this intervention.
Biofeedback and Self-Regulation
Technology-enriched training, using non-invasive sensors on the surface of your body, allows us to see underneath the surface and into your nervous system activity.
The nervous system is where our stress response lives. You can think of this system like a pendulum, swinging back and forth, activating and deactivating, as we go through our day.
With biofeedback, we can get an insider’s look into your unique pendulum. This provides you with the rare opportunity to learn how to purposefully intervene and regulate your nervous system activity, ultimately improving your performance engagement and outcomes.
Additional Tools:
– Heightened self-awareness
– Constructive regulation of anxiety, emotion, and intensity
– Process oriented Goal-setting
– Honing the ideal, performance assisting confidence
– Ability to communicate – both self-advocate and receive feedback
– Team building – maximizing cohesion and work as a fluid unit
– Acknowledging and understanding what is in and what is out of one’s control, and also how to productively respond.
Mental performance and biofeedback training has benefited the performance of my clients from world cup athletes, to retiree golfers, to elementary school students – and anyone in between – in their plethora of performance endeavors.
When we grow in our knowledge about the hard wiring of the mind-body, which exists in every human, we improve our ability to navigate both our internal and external landscape.
This is a benefit to all performers, beginners through worldclass, and in all venues – sport, business, injury recovery, general life stress management, performing arts, and beyond.

MA Sports Psychology/mba

Elisa Chapman

Hi, I’m Elisa Chapman, owner-operator of The Mobilized Mind offering over 20 years of experience as a consultant, coach, educator, trainer, manager, athlete, and athlete recovering from complicated injury.
I am a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (#698) administered by the Association for Applied Sports Psychology and Board Certified in Biofeedback (#B6945) administered by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. My educational background includes an M.A. in Sports Psychology, MBA, and B.S. in Kinesiology.
With these credentials, I’ve had the pleasure to work with athletes and other performers spanning numerous sport and performance venues. This has included over 30 sports, both traditional and action, developmental to worldclass; as well as vocational career planning, team culture and unity, students in academic endeavors, injury recovery, dancers, musicians, and life transitions.
Ever since I was very young, I was passionate about sports, performance, and supportive mentorship. Some of my earliest experiences with this includes junior high, when I had my first assistant coaching job to my younger sister’s soccer team. Then, as a high school freshman, I had my first counseling job. I was a junior counselor at a local summer camp. This job initiated 9 summers of camp counseling and leadership staff.
As a snowboard professional, I earned my USASA Level 200 coaching credential, AASI Level 3 instructor credential, and have been a member if the PSIA/AASI Western Division Education Staff since 2013.
I have always been excited to support and mentor others on their journeys, as well as push myself on my own journey. I have used this as fuel to provide creative and cutting-edge mental performance training.
Synthesizing my skillsets in both biofeedback and mental performance training, I coach performers through an under-the-surface look at their stress response and how that is reflected in performance. We can use tangible data that connects mental states to physiological and, ultimately, performance states. This is often key for facilitating a deeper understanding of how to set up one’s mental space for optimizing performance.
As a mental performance coach and biofeedback specialist, I have found a niche that combines my passion for sport & performance, evidence-based science, and mentorship. This niche allows me the joy of supporting performers in all walks of life. I am enthusiastic about every opportunity I have to partner with a performer on their journey of performance excellence.
Please contact me with any questions regarding The Mobilized Mind and mental performance training.

What my client’s are saying:

“Over the course of my year working with Elisa, the mental side of my skiing went from something holding me back, hindering my ability to succeed, to something I can rely on when the times get tough or I get nervous in the start gate. I learned tricks and drills to use that were personalized to my skiing and my mental habits. I went from having my race day skiing and training day skiing be two complete different things, to acting like every day was a race day prime for me to prove myself. By the end of my season, I felt calmly that should I put down my best skiing I would be able to challenge for the podium and get myself in the right mental space to do so. And even if a didn’t do so, I learned how to move on from each race, analyze the positives and the negatives and come back stronger and more eager to prove myself. I didn’t realize how much of an effect mental training can have on your skiing. When races are decided by hundredths of a second, it is insane to not take advantage of everything.”

North Lake Tahoe

“The University of Nevada Reno Softball Program had the opportunity to work with Elisa for an entire season. Her ability to reach the student athletes was astounding. It helped the overall growth of each individual she worked with, as well as the program as a whole. Elisa is professional and embodies a true understanding of an elite athlete.”

University of Nevada Reno, Head Softball Coach 2016-2021

“Elisa has been working with my snowboard teams since the 2015-2016 season, both on snow and off. The athletes’ mental outlooks on competitiveness and training habits have visibly improved with Elisa’s support. The mental aspect of snowboarding is as important, if not more so, than the physical side of snowboarding. With Elisa’s guidance, our athletes are utilizing her techniques and practices to enhance their skills in training and in contests.”

US Ski & Snowboard 2x Snowboard Coach of the Year, ASC Training
Center Program Director, and US Ski & Snowboarding Board Member