1-on-1 Private Coaching

A space where you can pause and check in with yourself – supported by a trainer who is open, present, creative, confidential, and focused solely on you. You will receive tailored mental training exercises and progressions that target exactly where you are in your journey. We will create goal-processes that are tangible, attainable, and specific. You will be able to demonstrate skill mastery by translating skills across different contexts and performance settings – making them boundaryless and lifelong.

Let’s work together!

Get Connected

Shoot me a message and we’ll start with a complimentary introductory phone call. I know your situation is unique, so we’ll first talk it through and see how The Mobilized Mind can address your needs.

Move Forward

You’ll be provided with an introductory questionnaire to start building the foundation for training. This will include items such as strengths, challenges, current skills, current roadblocks, brief history of performance, notable highs and lows, and goals. I’ll review this before we sit down, which will provide more depth and breadth to that initial face-to-face.

Meet Up

We’ll take an hour to sit down face-to-face. With the questionnaire as a guide, we’ll dig into your situation, determine entry points for mental training, and develop ideas for pathways that will best fit you.

Engage in Training

After the meet-up, we’ll plunge into your progression-based training program. Training sessions will be 45-60 minutes, and can be done in-person or virtually. Specifics of training and duration of training will be developed around YOU upon that first meet-up.
On-site observations, training, & support can also be included, pricing varies.

Utilize Technology

Hook up to biofeedback technology and learn how the state of your body systems shift and change when faced with activating events such as challenges, exciting opportunities, stressors, threats, etc. While seeing these changes in real time on a computer screen, train yourself to oversee and guide those body systems to best align with your performance needs.
Please note: hooking up to technology can only be done in-person, modifications will be necessary in a virtual environment. 
Trainer & tech can travel to you, additional rates apply.


With both new and fine-tuned skills, experience enhanced functioning in your performance endeavors. As an established client, take advantage of growth and maintenance opportunities as you continue to develop.