Not Just Coaches, Simone Biles’ Therapist Also Credited for the Legend’s Signature Skill
SOURCE: Essentially Sports
Posted On October 14, 2023

By: Agnijeeta Majumder, October 14, 2023

Article Notes:

Robert Andrews is the sport psychologist who has worked with Simone Biles since 2013.  At first Biles was hesitant – another gymnast had told her only crazy people work with him (highlighted in another Essentially Sports article from 2022 titled ‘Only Crazy People Work With You’:  Always Bubbly Simone Biles Succumbed to Silence After a Fellow Gymnast Briefed Her About Sports Psychology in 2012).  But after 10 years, Andrews is still part of her mental health team & championing her mental approach from things like confidence and self-belief to energy management.