Heart Rate Variability: Harnessing Your Own Personal Superpower Inna Khazan | TEDx Boston College
SOURCE: TedX Talks on Youtube
Posted On April 4, 2022

By:  Inna Khazan, PhD, 2022

Video Notes:

In this 20-minute TedX, Dr. Inna Khazan of Harvard Medical school (and a mentor to Elisa at The Mobilized Mind) eloquently describes what heart rate variability is and how it is different than heart rate.  She shares benefits of high HRV and describes what HRV training is.  For instance, the higher a person’s HRV, the healthier and more resilient that person is.  With high HRV, the heart is more flexible and better able to respond to the demands of our daily lives.  HRV is critical to how well our body can regulate itself and respond to stress.  She highlights benefits of HRV training found in the research including physical performance, reaction speed, and problem solving under pressure.  HRV training is a common thread that can help with both high stakes negotiations and championship gamesHRV training gives a personal and professional edge.